BeadBuster XB-454 PRO Tire Bead Breaker
XB-451 bead breaker on ATV reinforced rimsXB-451 bead breaker on ATV reinforced rims

Professional Tire Bead Breaker, Chrome-Moly Steel
For use on:

  • ATV’s, UTV’s (aka. Side x Side’s)
  • >> (including Reinforced Rims)
  • Motorcycles: Street & Dirt, Scooters
  • Cars: Passenger & Race Cars (ie. Sprint, Dirt Track)
  • Trucks, 4×4’s, Jeeps
  • Trailers
  • Lawn Mowers, Garden Tractors
  • Go Karts, 1/4 Midgets
  • Light Aircraft


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  • Proudly Made in USA
  • Premium Build Quality, extended warranty
  • Constructed from Hardened Chrome-Moly Steel (AISI 4140)
  • MIG Welded
  • All Grd-8 Hardware, >> EXTRA SET of Ram & Clamp Bolts Included
  • Polyester Powder Coat Finish
  • Quick-Release Clamp Hinge Pin, Including a SPARE Pin
  • Complete Set of Clamp Arms Including:
  • >> Upgraded “Standard” Chrome-Moly Padded Clamp Arm
  • >> XB-451 Style Clamp Post for Reinforced Rims, Also Upgraded to Chrome-Moly
  • Ram foot >2x Strength of XB-450 & XB-451, Proof Load of 5,000 lbs
  • Patented Design


  • Weight: 3.87 lbs
  • Size: 6″ x 6″ x 1-3/4″
  • Max Rim Lip Width (clamp opening): 1.70″
  • Max Rim Lip Thickness: 0.63″
  • Rim Diameter: Any
  • Rim Width: Any
  • Rim Material: Any
  • Max Ram Extension (throw): 1.438″ (see diagram)



  • If you make your living doing tire service, work on a race team, or just have a sizable fleet of toys that go fast, you need the BeadBuster XB-454. This car tire bead breaker is Professional Grade, and we spared no expense in its construction. All of the steel parts are made from premium Chrome-Moly and heat treated for ultimate strength (hardened to >RC57-58), and the hardware is Upgraded to Grade 8. Our Pro Bead Breaker comes with a standard padded clamp arm and a clamp post for reinforced wheels, both upgraded to premium Chrome-Moly steel. We also give you extra hardware just in case anything wears out. The BeadBuster XB-454 has all of the benefits of the original BeadBuster XB-450 Motorcycle Bead Breaker & the XB-451, but is made with the finest materials available to so that it can work as hard as you, whether in the shop or at the race track.  We Warranty the tire changing tool for a full 3 years.
  • The post-style clamp arm is for use on reinforced ATV wheels (aka “Reinforced Rims” or “Rock Rings”). Reinforced Rims (not to be confused with Bead Locks) can be found on Kawasaki KFX OEM wheels, and certain aftermarket Baja racing wheels. >> Learn More
  • No adjustment is needed for different tire/wheel sizes.  This race car shop tool is small, portable, and perfect for stashing in your glove box or tool box.  Save time, money, and frustration by quickly and easily changing your own tires whenever, and wherever you want. All of our car tire bead breakers come with FREE Shipping. (USA only, reduced price Int’l shipping)


  1. A 3/4″ wrench is required to drive the clamp and ram bolts.  Hand wrenches will work, power tools are recommended.  You can use an impact wrench, but use caution with a 1/2″ impact to not over-torque the bolts.
  2. Tire Irons are required to finish the job of removing the tire from the rim after using the motorcycle bead breaker.
  3. Certain cast aluminum and alloy passenger vehicle rims and large agricultural rims have a profile that prevents the tool from clamping properly (see illustration).  See the specifications above; if in doubt, measure your rims and compare to the tool’s spec. limits. For Automotive wheels with curved/angled surfaces, use the optional Long Clamp Arm for proper clamping.
  4. The BeadBuster 45X series was designed for use on the most common Diameters of ATV/UTV Rims: 9″ and larger. Smaller rims (7″ & 8″) have a different and shallower lip profile. Use on these rims may cause damage to the ram foot as the feet can catch on the bead retainer. However, the tool can be effectively used on these smaller rims with a spacer (BB1-SPCR) that we sell. Its a small magnetic pad that effectively shortens the feet for small rims. Damage to the tool as a result of use on these smaller rims without the spacer voids the warranty.


The race-ready XB-454 Pro is a premium version of its tried and tested brother, the XB-450.  The XB-454 PRO was designed to handle extreme forces and repeated operation and abuse.  Whether its the tight interference of race car tires, constant use in a production mechanic’s shop, or the critical functionality of a military application; the 454 PRO will hold up to any challenge you throw at it.  The XB-454 PRO is proudly made in USA, entirely from 4140 chrome-moly steel that is hardened and tempered for ultimate strength.  It is robotic welded for precision and accuracy.  Unlike other bead breakers, the XB-454 PRO is highly compact, does not require bulky accessory tools, and can even fit in your tool box.

Oval Track Dirt & Motorsport Tires

Sprint Cars

Quarter Midgets

Modified Stock Cars

Whether you’re grooving and siping a fresh pair of Hoosier Sprint Dirt Tires for that extra voodoo grip, or making last minute wheel changes for the perfect amount of stagger; dirt racers will always be changing tires to get their cars dialed in to meet track conditions.  Spending hours dealing with compound swaps and damaging new tires from the other sub-par bead breakers will steal valuable time on the track, and that’s why we’ve engineered the XB-454 PRO.

The race-ready XB-454 PRO can handle the extreme forces of tight-fitting race car tires, making breaking beads at weekend meets and national championships quick, affordable, and easy.  The 454 PRO works perfectly across any race car tire no matter the size.

IMCA Series Dirt

Late Model / E-Mod / Street Stock Dirt Spec

Late Model / E-Mod / Stock Dirt Premium Spec

Late Model / E-Mod / Stock Dirt Open Competition

Wing Sprint Dirt

Non-Wing Sprint Dirt

Midget Dirt / Mini Sprint Dirt

Modified Midget / Micro & Jr. Sprint Dirt

Oval Track D.O.T. Dirt

Short Track Asphalt

Midget Asphalt Tires

Modified / Supers / Sprint Asphalt

Little Car / Mini-Cup Asphalt

Quarter Midget Dirt

Quarter Midget Asphalt

Sprint / Road Race Kart / Super Kart

Enduro Kart

BRANDS:  Hoosier Dirt Tires, Hoosier Asphalt Tires, Vega Tires, Dunlop Tires – QMA, MG Tires


Professional Mechanics

If you make your living changing tires, you NEED a BeadBuster in your tool box.  Especially if you routinely change ATV tires; often you’ll find an old dry-rotted tires that even a $3000+ Coats tire machine will struggle with it.  The problem is that all other bead breakers push down on the sidewall, not directly on the bead bundle like the BeadBuster does.  The last thing you want to do is have your shop tech fighting with a stubborn tire for a couple hours, when a BeadBuster could do the job in a couple minutes.  We know there are tricks, like putting a few psi in the tire to give the traditional bead breaker something to push against; but that doesn’t work so well when you have to do the other side, and it definitely doesn’t work when you have a ripped open sidewall from an ‘enthusiastic’ rider and the tire will no longer hold pressure!  To be sure, the XB-454 PRO is the professional mechanics answer to even the biggest problem ATV wheels.  You can also use the BeadBuster to change valve stems on motorcycle wheels in the parking lot, without ever having to take the wheel off.  There are so many ways that BeadBuster will impact your bottom line.

Military Vehicles

Every service task in the military demands the best, and most reliable tools.  The XB-454 PRO is our highest quality bead breaker because it is made of the best materials.  Whether in training scenarios, or active duty, it HAS to work…no exceptions.  The 454 PRO is the perfect compliment to any military mechanic’s field tool box.

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