BeadBuster Stands Behind its Products

          We take customer service very seriously.  We’ve worked very hard to bring the BeadBuster product line to market: we are very proud of it, and stand behind the quality of our tool.  We want every customer to be delighted with both their purchase, and doing business with us.  If something goes wrong with the manual bead breaker tool, we will make every reasonable effort to make it right.

          Strictly speaking, the offered Warranty period for our products falls under ‘Manufacturing Defects’.  Sometimes the welds may not have full penetration, etc, and can lead to a premature failure.  However, in practice, if anything ever breaks or wears out on the tool, even if its the customer’s fault, we want to take care of it.

          Most of the time, failures are the result of user error (i.e. Clamping and Alignment issues), but our manual bead breaker tools are so robust that it doesn’t happen that often. We want to know when something goes wrong or breaks, we are continually seeking to improve the design where possible.  If you think you have a Warranty claim, call or email us so we can find out what happened, and we’ll either send you a new tool or a replacement part to get you back riding as quickly as possible.

          Sometimes customers approach us with a failure and are immediately on the defensive, because they expect they are going to have to fight to get a result.  We are a small business, and every issue is dealt with directly by the owners.  Remember that we are human beings, trying to do our best; we appreciate your patience, and the opportunity to make good on our commitment to quality.


1-year warranty

3-year warranty

  • XB-450

  • XB-451

  • XB-452

  • XB-455

  • XB-550 HEAY DUTY

  • Tire Irons (ACC-TL3)

  • ALL Spare Parts

  • ALL Accessories




  • XB-454 PRO

  • XB-554 HD-PRO