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The BeadBuster takes the place of a huge tire machine. Now you can change a tire off the rim just about anywhere. Simply clamp it on and run the screw down with an impact, job done!  Simple is as Simple does!  I tried to go all Forrest Gump on that one.  It is a huge time saver and something everyone should have in their tool box.

BeadBuster has been featured in many magazine articles, both in print and online reviews!

“Farming can be some of the most rewarding and toughest work out there, but, as a farmer, you are often the only person you can count on to repair your own equipment. The bigger the machinery, the bigger the tools (for the most part), and having specialty tools to make the job easier is key. One tool worth having on hand is the BeadBuster XB-550, which is a lifesaver when it comes to making tire changes in a hurry…
– review, November 13, 2019  (see the full article)

“…One issue that creates a challenge for every team is removing the large tires from the rims. Most use a beadlock on the outside but the inside bead can be very difficult to loosen and consume lots of time. Hours have been lost to this battle, and often it takes many cursing men to do this task.

Thanks to Draumurinn sponsor BeadBuster, the dream has come true. An amazing tool that makes this now simple job for the team, and for one man in only a few minutes. The team considers this tool now one of the most valuable tools in the toolbox…”
– Fourmula Offroad News, March 11, 2017  (see the full article)

“…I always used to give my buddy $10-$20 for his troubles mounting and dismounting tires for me, I know I have paid for several Bead Buster tools over the years between paying him or various tire shops to do tire work for me. The added convenience of being able to keep the XB-450 in a tool box with you at all times out on the trail has the potential to be worth it’s weight in gold if you’re out in the middle of nowhere with tire problems. I would recommend a good set of tire irons, (which Bead Buster conveniently sells on their website) to help get the tire the rest of the way off the wheel once you’ve broken the bead down with the Bead Buster, for me with my beadlock wheels I didn’t need tire irons I just pulled the tire out with the outer beadlock ring removed from the front. Beadlock wheels and a Bead Buster XB-450 is really a great combo! …”
– Rocks and March 21, 2016  (see the full article)

“…The BeadBuster XB-450 works great on and off the trail when tire repairs are needed. The compact size allows you to fit it in storage compartments or tool bags on your machine. You can use this tool to remove rocks that may get lodged between the rim and tire bead on non-beadlock wheels causing air leaks. We used this tool on smaller ATV wheels and the larger 15-inch UTV wheels without any issues or adjustments needed. …”
– Dirt Wheels Magazine February 9, 2016  (see the full article)

“…We met Lucas from BeadBuster at the AIM Expo in Orlando, Florida. A crowd had gathered around the BeadBuster booth ready to watch them demonstrate their new tool on one of the toughest jobs in the off-road world. Like everyone else, we wanted to see just how well this product worked. This was a unique gadget with no long bars, levers, or clamps like other bead breaking systems, but its simplicity is part of the genius in its design. Lucas worked the BeadBuster between the tire and rim, then began to quickly separate wheel from tire, all to the awe and astonishment of the most amazed crowd since Harry Houdini popped out of a locked trunk in front of their great-grandfathers a hundred years ago. This tool was completely amazing! We instantly knew we needed one!…”
– December 28, 2014  (see the full article)

“Sometimes the simplest things bring about moments of “why didn’t I think of that.” Recently we had the opportunity to get our hands on a new small and very portable tool called the BeadBuster XB-450. This tool is approximately four inches square and breaks the bead on any ATV or UTV tire in a few steps….”
– March 26, 2014  (see the full article)

“…If you watch our video below, you can see the XB-450 in action. Its feet create a jaws-of-life action against tire beads, forcing the bead to come off every time. As well, by using a screw thread, ample force is developed without a lot of user effort.  Due to its small size, the XB-450 is portable and can be taken on trail rides for easy tire replacement away from the garage.”
– October 24, 2013  (see the full article)

“…One product that caught our attention was the new Bead Buster tool. As many of you may know, the hardest part about changing tires is getting the bead broken off of factory rims. This can even be hard on some after market wheels as well. The effortless use of the Bead Buster gets the job done quickly. It’s perfect for all tool boxes and quite frankly it is a must have for the do it yourselfer in the family…This is a must have tool and at around a hundred bucks you can afford to have one too.”
– March 7, 2013  (see the full article)

Check out our many YouTube reviews…professional and amateur reviewers all love the BeadBuster!

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XB-550 HD removing Hill Climbing Wheel with Glued Beads (Icelandic), Mar 2018

O3D Jeeps Review of XB-550 HD, Feb 2018

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Fisher's ATV World, Sep 2016

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Fisher's ATV World, Aug 2014

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BeadBuster competitive demo, Jun 2013

Redline Stands, Feb 2013

See what our awesome customers have had to say about their experience with BeadBuster.  We get emails like these all the time!

Hey BB –

I have considered purchasing the Bead Breaker for a couple of years, always a little skeptical. So many tools have great claims, then disappoint when put into service. With a mountain of ATV wheels growing in my shed I needed to do something, so I finally purchased the XB-450.

It worked EXACTLY as advertised, with about a 60 second learning curve. Well made, sturdy and self explanatory (though the instructions are excellent). Pay attention to the angle and the distance to the rim as described and it just…works. Really happy to find something that exceeded my expectations. Money well spent.

– Craig J

Hi, I’m sure you hear this all the time but I had to write. I’ve been changing motorcycle tires myself using a Nomar Tire changer for 10 years, breaking the bead is always hit or miss effort wise with the built in bead breaker, but usually you can break the bead with no problem.  With the cost of everything going up these days I decided to replace the tires on my wife’s car myself. $465 to do it myself vs $1000 at a “discount” tire shop…
Breaking the bead was nearly impossible. Took over an hour to break the bead on one rim, after doing the front and being exhausted after just two bead breaks I was about to give up and have the rear two installed at the shop.  Then I found your tool, I debated spending $150 on something I wasn’t sure about, but took a chance thinking if it worked it would pay for itself with the next tire change ordered on a Sunday had it on Wednesday and used it today.
HOLY CRAP!!!! I had the bead broken on both sides of the rim in under 2 minutes.  Time saver, check. Effort saver, check. Easiest way to break a bead, check check.
Great tool, well made in the USA by a company with good service!
Anyway, just wanted to share and I’m telling everyone who changes their own tires about this tool, no reason to fight with a tire bead ever again.

– Marc (w/ Bonus pic of his bike)

Hello, I recently purchased a Bead Buster XB-450. Best money I’ve spent on a tool in a long time! I own a small engine repair business and until I got this tool, I used to refuse doing anything tire related on atvs because of how difficult those tires are to get off the bead. Now it’s no problem at all. Great product!!!

– Victor W.

Dear BeadBuster, I’m a small farmer in middle Tennessee and I’m tired of paying the co-op to change my tires, so I came across the Bead Buster online and ordered the 550. I gotta tell y’all, it takes a lot these days to impress me when it comes to tools I buy online, but this product absolutely stunned me at how amazingly efficient, well built, and awesome it is.  It took me over two hours to break the inside bead with a slide hammer and pry bars. It took me less than 10 minutes to break the outside bead with your 550. If I hadn’t done it myself I wouldn’t have believed it! Outstanding product, thank you !

– Bo, Middle Tennesee Farmer

Hi my name is Donald Walter’s I ordered a XB 451 Bead Buster from you on November 25,2020 received it yesterday December 3,2020 2 1/2 hours later I had all 4 of the tires on my 650 Kawasaki 4X4 Prairie changed your tool is great. The tires where original from 2000 so they liked the rims couldn’t get the 2 to separate no matter how I tried Bead Buster to the rescue I’m impressed & will be telling people about this tool every chance I get hope I can drum you up more business Great Job . Thank you.

– Donald, WI

Hello, I used my XB-454 Professional for the first time yesterday, to replace the four tire pressure monitor sensors on my car. This tool is, without a doubt, one the the best tool investments I’ve ever made, and I have a lot of tools. If it didn’t already, my XB-454m Pro came really close to paying for itself yesterday.

Thank you for such a great product!! I will spread the word.

– John Lippolis, NY

Good morning to You All…I want to take this opportunity to let you know that this tool is the Cats Ass. I have been using this tool within the 8 months that I had it for, I have at least used this tool for A dozen times, No Exaggeration. I am a weekender Moderately hard core 4x4er here in Canada British Columbia I am continuously losing beads on my tires off the rims, as well as need to clean the seal between the rim and the tire because of debris Sand tree Bark etc etc. This tool has saved me many times out in the forest and in the middle of the Mountain Trails. When I get a flat tire do to a Nail on a public Road, I have taken the truck to get it fixed at the local tire shop and I showed them this fabulous tool called the BeadBuster just to make sure they know about it, because it’s the Cats Ass, For us weekend warriors. Thank you very much for creating such a great device for people like us that really needed it out in the field, I really appreciate it

– Jason Drewett, BC Canada (picture below)
paddles resized

Hi –
I purchased an XB-452 kit from you. I have a Jeep Wrangler JK and I frequently experience leaking beads due to debris entering the bead from off-roading at low tire pressures.  To fix these leaks, I need to break the bead, clean everything out, then reseat the bead. I have always had to remove the wheel/tire, then break the bead using a bottle jack with a nylon strap and assorted pieces of wood – you get the idea – unsafe at best.

I used the XB-452 for the first time this weekend, and this is my new favorite tool! It works exactly as described, and I don’t even have to remove the wheel/tire from the Jeep. I thought the tool was a little pricey when I ordered it, but it works so well and saves me so much time that I have already forgotten about that.

– Jeff Case, CT

Hello, received my BeadBuster quickly via USPS. Used it to help with changing four tires on my 2017 Yamaha Kodiak. First tire took about 45 minutes, next one 30, then 20 minutes, by the fourth tire, I was a pro. I found that using a right angle air impact tool made this a breeze. Nice little tool, it saved me an 80 mile round trip to have this done. Thanks for this great product!

Anyway great tool….

– Pat Sprague, VA

Guys i just got the XB-454 in the mail today, it works so well I felt compelled to send you note. It took me 15 min to get dialed in and busting beads.
Ive been using a jig I made for my shop press to break down the atv tires for last couple years but still would get those tough ones. This last weekend I got stuck again, got on web looking for solutions and found your product, the tire that ate my lunch is now in the used tire pile thanks to your tool.

Anyway great tool….

– Scott Brown, TX

Thanks for the great tool, some pic’s, had four set of big tires (42) to break, so I thought if I had two I could walk them around and make the job go fast. Work better than I plan; Walker Evans bead-lock are very deep with top bead!
thanks, John

– John Clevenger, TX (pictures below)

“I can’t thank you enough for your excellent service. I had  got my BeadBuster on a Friday and used it on a four wheeler tire and had problems with it bending. Someone from BeadBuster called me on Saturday (which I was quite surprised). I explained everything and we talked a bit about using it and what I did and didn’t do. As the conversation came to a close the Rep offered to send a brand new BeadBuster. I received it on Tuesday.  I have never came across such great service EVER. Thank you BeadBuster and I will pass the word about your products. From a very satisfied customer.”
– Richard Tiffany, Owner
Tiffany Automotive
Columbus Junction, IN

“…Just wanted to let you know I gave the bead buster a try just to see what it would do on an old tractor tire I was trying to get of of the rim. Keep in mind this tire had probably been on there for at least 15 years with plenty of rust and a stiff dry rotted tire so I was a little worried about it being stubborn.
To my surprise the bead buster pushed it right off without any problems at all making easy work of a dreaded task. I I know if it can work and survive that kind of abuse it should work very well on ATV applications. …Thanks for sending us a product that does what it is suppose too. “
– Ed GrunInstructor,
Motorcycle and Marine Service Technology
Chattanooga State College, TN

“Another BeadBuster Victory. It owns beads!”
– Chris K., NJ (picture of result below)

BeadBuster Victory resized

To the folks at BeadBuster;
My wife and I are retired and we own a small outdoor equipment repair shop. The shop is small so space is at a premium and equipment is moved around a lot.  I needed a tire bead breaker but I didn’t want to mount anything permanent that I might have to maneuver equipment around.
I was on YouTube looking for some ideas and happened upon a video demonstration of BeadBuster xb450.  I was impressed but doubtful (things don’t always work as portrayed), but I ordered one since the price was reasonable.  As soon as the BeadBuster arrived I took it to the shop and tried it on two different size tires.  This thing is fantastic!  What I like most is the versatility.  You can take it anywhere and store it in your toolbox until needed.  It works on very small tires as well as large z-turn or atv tires.  Wish I had known about this when I was a golf course mechanic.  Thank you for developing a great tool.
– Bob Cummings, Bob & Kathy’s Small Engine Service 

I found your product while searching ATV accessories on Amazon. Great product, easy to use, and compact enough to fit in my small repair kit on my ATV. I have used it to change my ATV tires and light truck tires on my old GMC hunting truck. Almost all of the back roads and trails here in Alaska can be unforgiving. I have been on hunt trips where we have ripped valve stems out and punctured tires cutting our trips short or forcing us to carry a spare tire. I don’t go anywhere without the BeadBuster in my kit. I have seriously considered purchasing another one so I can keep one in ATV kit and one in my truck for emergencies. I have friends that like to borrow mine all the time. I would highly recommend it anyone. It is worth every penny.  Thanks for a great product.
– Ronnie Thomas, North Pole, Alaska

“Hello, I received my 450 today and it’s the best tool in the world. I cannot believe it works so well, thank you.  Larry,  a happy customer”
– Larry.

“I just used my bead buster for the first time. The tires I was trying to remove were trailer tires that had been on the rims for 8 years . I have changed many tires with different types of tire equipment. I own the following: pliers type, manual tire machine and slide hammer bead breaker.  The bead buster 450 is the best and easiest tool I have ever used for breaking a bead.
I can’t wait to try it on my drag racing slicks .  Thank you for such a quality tool made in the USA .”
– Martin M.

“Great product,makes changing tires a breeze. TRIED for two hrs with other tools with no luck. took me 15 minutes with your tool. Thanks “
– Justin H., CT

-Steve U.

BeadBuster Crew,
I spent considerable time trying to find somewhere to dismount my 21.5″ wide off-road paddle tires and could not find anyone local that could do it without potentially damaging the tires. These are so wide that they are over the limit of every tire machine that all the shops had and no one was will to do it by hand.  I found your product on youtube while searching how to dismount tires, and liked the idea of how it work. Ordered one and once it arrived I had these dismounted in approximately 20 minutes. You can see from the picture just how wide these are. This tool is perfect for these types of tires, I would have saved considerable time/money if I had just got your tool first. I also have 3 atv’s all with multiple sets of wheels and tires and no longer will worry about home I am going to change the tires out on them. In my opinion everyone that is even remotely into any motorsport or has farm equipment this tool should be in your tool box.
– Brandon Heffelfinger, IN (picture below)
paddles resized

Bead Buster,
Thank you for all your time and efforts in the design of this valuable tool that I use almost every time I open the tool box. I first learned about the Bead Buster from Internet searches. I was in the process of designing my own style of the Bead Buster to simplify tire changes out in the country, camping, basically away from the garage. Once i came across the Bead Buster I ordered my own right away. I loved the design and how small and simple it was to operate. This little tool has accomplished very big tasks for me. I have changed ATV, motorcycle, sand rail, side by side, and even truck tires, with ease!! Even the stubborn old tires that seem to be stuck to the wheel come right off. Before I would have ruined the tire by cutting the tire off to save the wheel. Now I don’t have to risk damaging the wheel or tire anymore.
I am so in love with this tool I proudly show my neighbors and friends how simple and easy this tool works miracles. They are all amazed and want to buy my Bead Buster, even in its used, and far from worn out state. Sometimes I’m half tempted so I can purchase myself a new Bead Buster with shiny new paint.
I believe what finally sold me was that the Bead Buster was designed and obviously tested by fellow off-road enthusiast like myself. I knew from the beginning this tool was what I had to have and could not live without. My own designed contraption was too big and not as universal as the Bead Buster. I love it!! Thanks for my new little friend!
-Shane S.

“you made a great little product. Does the job we use $2000+ tire machines to do normally and if you use an air or electric impact it’s just as fast. For me we don’t have any local ATV shops so I have to drive an hour and a half to get tires dismounted unless I wanted to wrestle with the floor jack process to remove them so you just saved me a lot of gas and wear and tear on my truck for the rest of my life.”
– Glen G., CA 

“Heard about BeadBusters from a guy that is into sand cars.
We all know how many times you get sand in the bead and have to clean it out to seat properly. At any rate we are desert racers and run 37″ tires. At one race we had 4 flats and one loose tire left. The crew got out the Bead Buster and broke the bead on the 37″ flat and put on the loose spare and got us back in the race.
We ended up finishing 2nd after 4 flats. Thanks so much.”
– Bruce F.

I first learned of your product by doing an Internet search which lead me to you tube. I was looking for something to Break down some Atv tires that laughed at anything else I tried breaking them down with. I ended up buying the bead buster on eBay and at first, I was skeptical thinking there’s no way this little tinker toy piece of metal was going to beat these tires but damn!!! This thing is the cats ass!!!! Blew through all four of them without a hitch. An electric impact made short work of loosening and tightening it. Thanks for making a product that actually does what it says it will do. Well done. Scott c salls. Vermont”
– Scott S.

“Hi,  My name is Vicente caballero I found y’all thru YouTube. I’ve had awesome experience with the bead buster I’ve busted many tires with it. Thank you for an awesome tool.”
– Vicente C.

“cut one tire on my Kubota diesel mower so pickup to new tires when I went to replace them I could not brake the bead. so I cut the bad tire off. went to the next tire and it would not come off and cut the good tire trying. there had to be a better way? went to you tube and found the beadbuster now its fun to replace tires.”
– Mike

‘I found bead buster through a online search and bought it hoping it would end the agony of breaking atv beads in our powersport shop
It has completely changed my view on atv tires, I used to dread selling atv tires cause i knew I had to change them, now we are happy to sell and change a tire.
I think bead buster needs to be in every atv shop and I also think bead buster should be sold through powersport distributers to make it more accessible to powesports shops.’
– Jonathan B.

“I learned about the bead buster by searching for a tool online to break my four wheeler tire beads. After I found it I was able to find reviews that helped me decide to purchase it. Ive used it on multiple tires now, we have  a fleet of four wheelers for our farming operation and we can now change our own tires. No regrets, thanks for the great product”
– Ross S.

BeadBuster is the #1 rated, and #1 best selling Bead Breaker on!

5.0 out of 5 stars By jn***on August 24, 2017
I have used this on a few truck tires as well as lawn mower tires and I’m very impressed with how well this tool works. It makes breaking the tire bead so easy and fast. I wish I had bought it years ago, the only thing deterring me was the price but its well worth it in the end.

5.0 out of 5 stars By Alonzo walkeron August 6, 2017
Works better than advertized.
19.25 thumbs up, I’d give it 20 except I’m out of relatives with complete digits.

5.0 out of 5 stars By Amazon Customeron May 9, 2017
Work awesome , makes short work on breaking apart wheels of all sizes. Last used on my quad wheels.

5.0 out of 5 stars By S. Aranon April 8, 2017
It does the trick, I took off tires that had lots of bead sealant from leaks over the years so I could clean up the wheels and refinish them. I went with this one because it is small, portable, easy to store, and doesn’t have to be mounted to the floor. I used a high torque spade handle drill to speed up the process, would take way too long with a ratchet and standard drill not powerful enough IMO. Something I learned while taking off a tire I was going to replace (luckily) was that on the first few uses do not go too far with this tool. The point putting pressure on the tire is narrow and if you tighten too much you will rip a hole in the tire and render it useless. So tighten to a point for about the first three attempts then on the next one you should be able to get the bead broken safely. Also ensure you get the pushing area up against the wheel. However don’t over tighten this either or it can hit the wheel bead and put a dent there. I did this once to no consequence, the bead did not leak so it is not major just not nice to your wheel to do it. I recommend greasing the bolts so you get more life out of this unit. This is meant for someone who doesn’t do this daily or for someone who needs a portable bead breaker. It is not particularly fast to use this, and not really applicable for commercial use.

5.0 out of 5 stars By anightswimon April 8, 2017
Right tool for the right job. Wasted several hours trying to break the bead on an ATV tire before buying this tool. Worked exactly as advertised.

5.0 out of 5 stars By Robert Kochon February 8, 2017
Worked just as advertised popping the bead on my ATV wheels, that I could not break with the bead breaker on my tire changer.

5.0 out of 5 stars By mobile sniperon November 11, 2016
Did the job. Very sturdy and well built tool. Was able to change 4 tires in just over 2 hours (including stopping for lunch). This item is small enough to keep in the tool bag on my four wheeler.

5.0 out of 5 stars By fayeon August 14, 2016
Wish I would have bought this years ago. Absolutely the best bead breaker made A+++++++

5.0 out of 5 stars By David hollonon August 11, 2016
Ive only used it on atv tires so far, but ive got no doubt this thing can handle it… if
Youre like me and the nearest tire shop is 20 miles out.
Get this, 3 tire spoons, and some soapy water an you’ll be unstoppable.

5.0 out of 5 stars By lorion July 7, 2016
This tool is AWESOME! I had a set of stock ATV tires on honda rims that were wore out and needed replaced. I probably spent 4+ hours trying to get the bead to pop loose. I tried the harbor freight tire changer/bead breaker, no luck. I tried driving on it with my 3/4 pickup, no luck. I tried a 2×4 and driving on it (broke the 2×4) I gave up and finally ordered this tool. Shipping was not slow, I think it took 7 calendar days to get to me.
Once I had it in my shop I had the tire off within 10 minutes.
Tip for other users regarding it destroying tires, it will destroy the bead of the tire when you go to break it. I found that if I over tighten the clamp slightly, so it angled toward the rim, the foot gets a better bite and pushes the bead off the rim better.
One of my tires I had to use this tool twice on (I found out my old tires had slime inside them, they were pretty stuck to the rim)
Also, word of advice, get tire lube! Worked a lot better for me then soap and water.

5.0 out of 5 stars By Don the Baptist June 29, 2016
A review by Don the Baptist of the “Bead-Breaker”.

If this tool also cured world hunger, it would be in the running for the coveted “Greatest Invention of Our Time” award. Nonetheless, since it only breaks beads, if you need to break beads, then this is the way to do it. My experience with the tool is as it pertains to the 2014 Yamaha Grizzly 700 4×4 with aluminum wheels. Note: These wheels cost $250.00US a piece in Honduras, Central America, where I am a resident.
Why buy the tool? Just take it to the tire store and drink a Coke while you watch… right? Not possible in Honduras. Hondurans are nice people – NOT technical people. Placing a $250 aluminum wheel in the hands of a Honduran would net a very attractive $250 door stop. Just throw the thing away and go buy a new wheel with a new tire already installed. I am not being mean. I live here. I know.
Buy the tool and do it at home. I did. It did. It took longer to drag out the air-compressor, impact, and tire spoons than to actually do the job. Once you are ready, the tool works exactly as in the youtube video, which you should see. I started on the back side of the wheel just in case things went awry. It took three “runs” in separate places (only seconds apiece), but the tire popped off the wheel in no time. On the outside, curiously, one shot and the tire was off the bead. In all, less than five minutes were involved per wheel.

Note: The instructions warn you that “breaking the bead” is only part of the task. You still need to pry the tire off the wheel without damaging either (if you plan to reuse the tire). This probably took longer than bead-breaking. (If you don’t have the tools, A SCREWDRIVER IS A VERY BAD IDEA. Buy the tools.)

Note: Before the Yamaha, I owned a 2002 650 Suzuki DualSport (two steel wheels with bead locks). I purchased a large “clamp-like” tool – made for this purpose – ($60.00US) that “sort of” worked, but it was a nightmare every time that tire-work was necessary. I see no reason why this would not work very well on steel motorcycle wheels also.
Note: Read the very brief instructions. Just because the tool is “vertical” does not mean it’s time to tighten the bead breaker bolt. The “1/8” inch rule is important (see instructions). Yes, I confess; I almost goofed up.

Finally, of all the crap available on line that is pure junk, it is a pleasure to find a tool that actually fills a very much needed void. My project was a complete success. No damage to anything involved. Plus, I can’t imagine why this tool will not last to the end of my combined motorcycle and 4×4 life. It’s a serious chunk of metal.

Note: I am puzzled by the few negative reviews posted herein. Perhaps operator error might be to blame in at least some instances. Notwithstanding, as I mentioned in another review, if “craft-booking” was your last project, then this might be an area in which you should not delve.

5.0 out of 5 stars By JLF April 29, 2016
Amazing, ridiculous, good great, must have for ATV tires. A couple a years ago I had to replace Honda atv tires which where on from the factory for many years. I had a local motorcycle shop remove them for me and it took the owner and mechanic two hours for two tires. I had tried HF tire changer, HF bead breaker, bottle jacks, running them over with an Explorer and everything on the internet. I had to change another set of front tires on another Honda which where on since 2004 and ordered this tool. When I received this tool it took me 28 minutes to remove two front tires including spooning them off and cleaning and washing rims. I was worried about using the tool for the first time and damaging the tool using an impact tool the first time. I used a 3/8 ratchet with a 3/4′ socket and literally used one finger to spin ratchet and the bead popped right off. I did have to move the tool once on the back sides with the wheel design. I got the tool at 4:00 pm my wife arrived at 5:30 pm and said I saw you got your tool, she said they are already off, how was it? The only reply I had was ridiculous in a good way. Its pricey but well worth while not having all the cuts and bruises from the last set I tried to change and ended up at bike shop anyway.

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars By Mud Bug February 23, 2016
A must to have in your tool box. Sure helps repairing or replacing ATV tires

5.0 out of 5 stars By Jeffery B. October 4, 2015
This is my favorite toy now works just like they say and hasn’t messed up any of the rims I used it on!! Great tool! Awesome job beadbuster!!!

5.0 out of 5 stars By Archy-guy September 14, 2015
I have Toyota non-USA 16″ split ring rims on my 1985 Toyota Land Cruiser FJ60. Breaking them down can be a nightmare, but no more! The Bead Buster worked great. It turned a 1/2 hour or more job into a 5 minute job.

5.0 out of 5 stars By Sean C Olsen July 10, 2015
It’s almost comical how EASY this thing is to use. It popped a bead on my off road truck rim off so fast! I honestly didn’t expect it to work as quickly or as well as it did. Fantastic little tool!

5.0 out of 5 stars By Donnie July 7, 2015
Want to start off saying I ordered this thing on a Saturday and received it on Monday, that was just regular shipping. Would have bought much sooner at a lower price but finally broke down when I had a valve stem dry rot on my truck, not the first time I’ve had a valve stem fail. To me the price is worth it just for being able to change bad valve stems with out removing the tire and taking it somewhere. With an air compressor and impact and a bottle jack I had my valve core changed out (for a metal one this time) and the tire pumped up in around 1/2 an hour. With out this tool I would have to jack up the truck, remove the tire, drive it to a garage and then wait around for the to be able to replace it and that is if it is during working hours, then drive back home and remount it. Don’t believe this tool will ever save me money, might possibly if used for my side business, but gives the ability to get things done when I want them where I want to. Yeah you can find cheaper ways to do this but I don’t think you will find a faster way.

5.0 out of 5 stars stars By T. Wynia February 20, 2015
One of those tools that works so well and is so simple makes you say “why didn’t I think of that”, yet still ok with the price paid. I now change all of my off road/UTV tires with ease and without the hassle of going to local tire shop. Most my wheels have beadlocks so it has been somewhat of a pain as many places are unfamiliar with this type of wheel and still end up doing at least 3/4 the work myself anyways, so now very convenient to just allow me to be able to change tires whenever needed. I can now carry spare tires and actually be able to do something with them if needed. It is even smaller than I thought it would be and fits in most portable toolboxes. Use a battery powered drill and it is effortless just like their video shows. Just make sure the clamping bolt is fully tightened so that the wedge is all the way inserted behind rim lip and tire before switching to the plunger bolt to break the bead. They shipped it to me extremely quickly too!

5.0 out of 5 stars By _swede (New Hampshire) December 5, 2014
Great little tool. Exactly what you’d expect for being made in America. I was happy to spend a few extra dollars to buy the right tool for the job instead of risking damaging a tire by breaking the bead by other means. It’s getting harder and harder to find American made tools. Thank you.

5.0 out of 5 stars By pkmiller78 December 1, 2014
Did everything it promised. Was able to break a bead that a commercial tire machine couldn’t. Easy to use.

5.0 out of 5 stars By ralph November 22, 2014
It works as stated, love it!!

5.0 out of 5 stars By John Elliott November 21, 2014
Have used tire machines, this works very very well.

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars By JD October 16, 2014
Never knew anything like this existed. Have been using on 16 truck tires. Works like a charm.

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars By David A. Bunnell September 27, 2014
Great product. Well worth the $.

5.0 out of 5 stars Five Stars By jerry smith September 21, 2014
happy, works great

5.0 out of 5 stars By BillD September 19, 2014
The Bead Buster is quite a tool. Never before have I broken a bead with so little effort. The bead was broken before I knew it. No more 2×4 levers or other rigged up contraptions for me. It’s expensive, but it just might prevent an injury and a trip to the ER.

5.0 out of 5 stars By Randy S August 24, 2014
Hey this is a GREAT Little Unit

5.0 out of 5 stars By Steve G. (Lena, IL USA) August 19, 2014
Very pleased with the BeadBuster! Shipping was very quick and it works exactly as advertised. No problem removing tires from steel ATV wheels and when I had to break the bead on an aluminum ATV wheel with an angled inside surface, it clamped on and removed the tire effortlessly.

5.0 out of 5 stars By Larry Dillon August 14, 2014
Shipping was quick and the tool worked even better than I thought it could. If I lost it, I would order another one immediately!!

5.0 out of 5 stars By Chad R. Webb (Benson, AZ USA) July 17, 2014
If you’ve ever tried to pop the bead on an old 3-wheeler tire that’s been corroded in place for nearly 30 years, you’ll appreciate this tool. Such tires have been known to break the bead breaker on lesser tire equipment, and on standard tire changing equipment, it’s frequently incapable of breaking the bead. Enter the BeadBuster XB-450. It may not be as fast as a tire machine, but it gets the job done…and with no damage to the wheel. And it’s small enough to toss in a small toolbox to boot!

5.0 out of 5 stars By Phil Miller July 14, 2014
Excellent Little tool! I have used allot of bead breakers and this is by far the best!

5.0 out of 5 stars By john malik June 13, 2014
Worked very good on my 10 in. Tires on my 3/4 midget did not break a sweat. Like to become a dealer sell them at race tracks for 1/4 midgets etc.

5.0 out of 5 stars By Susan Nichols May 18, 2014
Very well made. Will last for years. This tool made an impossible job very easy. It does the job as advertised.

5.0 out of 5 stars By Edward E. Gorney May 2, 2014
“Item worked exactly as advertised. Had a tire I could not break the bead on, the BeakBuster did the trick.

5.0 out of 5 stars By AKjonesy April 10, 2014
Small but does the job. My boyfriend has uninstalled the tires with ease. He likes it a lot and keeps in his shop.

5.0 out of 5 stars By Michael McDowell December 18, 2013
I used it on half a dozen tires and it works great! Then due to my fault I broke a shear pin on this device. I contacted the manufacturer and they replaced it free, including shipping! Don’t pay some shop over and over again for something you can do yourself. This is a great product. I’ve been messing with these tires and wheels for over 30 years and nothing works as good as this! Mike

5.0 out of 5 stars By George E Boon October 27, 2013
It worked just as easily as they show on their video. No damage to aluminum wheels on my Yamaha Rhino.

5.0 out of 5 stars By shopazon (Beverly Hills, CA) October 2, 2013
This thing is advertised for ATV tires but worked great on my motorcycle tire. It’s an excellent design all around. Most of it is “extra” heavy duty. Can’t imagine anything breaking in normal use. The breaker “feet” are a little thinner material but this is probably necessary, if they were much thicker it might be too hard to get between the tire and rim. This is by far the best way I’ve ever seen to break a tire bead “at home” (unless you can afford a tire machine in your garage). The really neat part is that they’ve engineered it in such a way that it basically “has to work” if you do it right. My tire broke loose on both sides from just one position of the tool, but it would be easy to move it a couple times if necessary.

5.0 out of 5 stars By jon haugen July 31, 2013
Works really well. Paid for itself right away the first month. Used it on my trailer tire and utv tires.

5.0 out of 5 stars By no go April 16, 2013
I got it today,used it to remove some 32×11.5 swampers on 15inch rims. no problem. it will work on other tires too & is small enough to fit in your glove box.great tool. i like it.

5.0 out of 5 stars By L. Cobb (western,ky) March 19, 2013
i thought this item was a little pricey but after using the beadbuster i think it was well worth the money. it worked great on a trailer and and lawn mower tire.

5.0 out of 5 stars By ishoweroutside (New Jersey) February 28, 2013
This is a solid product that works! I’ve used the beadbuster on over 2 dozen ATV and UTV tires and it has never let me down. Small and light weight, I bring it on every ATV trip. If you have a rim with an offset, I start on the shallow side first. This will make the deeper side easier to come off the bead. For the cost of one trip to the tire shop for 4 tires, buy this and do it yourself whenever you need it.

5.0 out of 5 stars By Deanra (New Jersey) November 13, 2012
This thing is awesome!!! Its takes minutes to take the tires off. I threw away my other bead break tool it was a piece of crap, did not work half the time, and it costs more than this one. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to save a $and change their own tires. Its easy to use and well made and paid for itself on the first job. You dont need a stand, just the Beadbuster and a little soapy water and the tire it off.

5.0 out of 5 stars By Kindle Customer October 28, 2012
Wow! Neat tool, worked like a charm, I popped the beads, both sides, on 10 paddle tires. 8 rear sets and one front set. Took me about 1 hour and 15 minutes, had a few family interruptions. 🙂 But wow, awesome! I have beat the tires before, I’ve used the bottle jack trick, I have even tried a board and running the jeep up it to pop the beads, none of those work and they are dangerous! 🙂 Using your tool was much easier, in fact on about half of them I didn’t even have to move it over. They just slid pass the bead with one use. The harder older tires I had to move it around the tire, and in two cases, to four different spots but it still worked like a charm. Thank you so very much. If there is a place on your site to give reviews, let me know and I’ll give a good one, I will also recommend it to a couple of my friends, but they will probably just use mine. 🙂 Once again Thank you.

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