BeadBuster Genesis

Being avid Powersports enthusiasts and DIY mechanics, like many of you, we had set out to change our own tires on our personal vehicles. We like wrenching on our machines, knowing that the work is done right. When it came to swapping tires on our ATV’s, we quickly learned that it was quite a different job than changing our oil. We tried all of the DIY tricks: 2×12’s, bottle jacks, you name it..the beads wouldn’t budge! We bought cheap bead breakers, only to find that they didn’t work either, and we actually managed to ruin an expensive aluminum racing rim in the process!

So we put our heads together, and tried to come up with a better way to change our own tires. Instead of suffering with bloody knuckles or ridiculous dealership service charges, we endeavored to design and build our own manual tire bead breaker that does the job properly and efficiently, every time.  It started out for just our own personal use, but soon our riding buddies kept asking to use our home-made ATV bead breaker…again and again. So we decided to take a chance, refine the design, start a company and manufacture our tool to give all of our fellow riders a helping hand.  After all, you need the right tools to do a job, and there is no better manual tire bead breaker than the BeadBuster.

Meet the Owners

The founders of BeadBuster, Warren and Lucas, have been friends for years, and met on the job as Product Development Engineers at one of the oldest and most prestigious tool companies in the USA.

WARREN SEITH has a long history of creating innovative solutions for difficult problems in his Engineering Manager role of New Product Development for one of the world’s major power tool companies. With a BS in Mechanical Engineering from Ohio State University, he has dozens of patents, piles of inventions, and is always coming up with ‘crazy ideas’.

Warren has been a motorcycle rider his whole life, and has been riding sport quads for the last 15 yrs. He doesn’t have the patience to watch a movie the whole way through, so instead you can find him in his back yard launching M80’s out of a potato gun.

In 2020 Warren walked away from the corporate world, and now focuses his time 100% on BeadBuster.  Warren runs fulfillment, operations, production and the ‘back end’ of BeadBuster. He makes sure that our suppliers are doing a good job, and keeping up with orders. He also supervises final assembly of all Made-in-USA tools, and makes sure each manual tire bead breaker meets our high standard of quality.

Fun Fact: Warren actually hired Lucas and was his boss for over 6 years. Lucas says that Warren was the best boss he ever had.

Lucas Taylor co-founder of BeadBuster

Warren's Rides: Honda 400EX

BMW R nineT

LUCAS TAYLOR has a BS in Materials Science & Engineering from Lehigh University. After working for Warren, designing and developing cutting edge power tools and mechanical wonders, Lucas decided to leave the corporate world and start his own consulting company. In 2009 he formed Lucas Technical Services, where he uses his engineering skills to develop products for start-up entrepreneurs and major corporations alike.

Lucas has been riding motorcycles his whole life. From mini-bikes as a toddler, to learning to jump logs on a dirt bike as a teenager. His real passion is now Sport Bikes, but just like Warren, gasoline flows through his veins.

Lucas runs the ‘front end’ of BeadBuster, answering the phone and emails, and keeping the books. He performs all of the final engineering design of our manual tire bead breakers, as well as creates all of the marketing collateral.

Fun Fact: Lucas is an expert marksman with shooting rubber bands, and one time at the old job he knocked a cup of coffee out of Warren’s hand and all over his shirt at 40 paces with a well-aimed shot. Thankfully Warren didn’t fire him.

Lucas Taylor co-founder of BeadBuster

Lucas' Ride: Yamaha FZ-09

Meet the BeadBuster Team

WENDY DANISH joined the team in early 2019.  She does final assembly and quality control of our made in USA models, and she oversees production & packing of our Tire Mount Lube.  Wendy helps out at trade shows, and blows people minds when she demo’s the tool and breaks down a tire so easily with the BeadBuster.

Wendy's Ride: Lance Cali Classic 150 Scooter

SAMANTHA DANISH joined the team in late 2019 and is a tool assembly hero!  She is Wendy’s daughter, which makes BeadBuster a family affair.

From Grass Roots

BeadBuster has some pretty humble beginnings. We both have alot of experience in Mechanical Engineering & product development (almost 50 yrs combined!), but we had no idea what we were getting into when we decided to start a new manufacturing and retail business. If we’ve learned one thing, it’s that commercializing a product is A LOT OF WORK! Just having a good idea is not enough, its one small part of a much larger puzzle.

But we are very proud of what we’ve done so far, and where we think we’re headed. We made our 1st production run (of 10 whole tools) and officially launched in Oct 2012. After Lucas made the 1st website, we stood back and watched what happened. We were actually amazed that people wanted to buy what we made…and we grew steadily in the following years. Now we manufacture manual tire bead breakers in lots of 4,000. However, you can always be guaranteed that as a small business, we take alot of pride in our work, and we believe that exceptional customer service is the single most important thing we can do for our business.  As of June-2021, we have sold more than 30,000 Bead Breakers!…so when we say that the design is ‘Tried-and-True’, you know we are telling the truth.

Take a look at some of the pictures of where we started, and where we are now.

Warren's 1st Prototype (Mark I)

2nd prototype (Mark II) with a Toggle Clamp

Mark III Concept, Improved Form Factor

Mark IV Prototype, Revised Clamp Hinge

Mark V Concept, Converging on the Final Design

Tool from the 1st Production Build

Production Weld Fixture

A BeadBuster Prepped for Powder Coating

Racks of Tools after Powder Coating

Final Assembly Line

Ram Foot Proof Load Testing & Failure Testing

Hold Feet Strength Testing

Hold Feet Strength Testing

Expanded Production Area - 2018

Expanded Production Area - 2018

BeadBuster On The Road

BeadBuster has been going to trade shows and Powersports events from the beginning.  As with everything else we started from grass roots…but now we’re doing it with a little more class. Here’s a small progression in how we’ve changed what our setup looks like when we’re on the road.

Trade Show Rig - Rev 1.0, circa 2013

Our 1st show! Dealer Expo, Indy: 2013

Our 1st AIME booth in 2013

BeadBuster at a GNCC race in Unadilla, NY, 2015

Booth at AIME 2015

Our new enclosed trailer that we bought and designed in Oct, 2016.

The other side of the trailer

Booth at AIME 2016

Booth at AIME 2017

Booth at PA Farm Show 2019

BeadBuster Truck, 2020

Booth at PA Farm Show 2020