our bead breakers work on the following types of vehicles


  • ATV’s
  • UTV’s (aka. Side x Side’s)
  • 3-Wheelers **


  • Motorcycles – Street
    • Goldwings
    • Custom Choppers
    • Adventure Bikes
  • Motorcycles – Dirt
  • Scooters


  • Full Size Trucks
  • Jeeps
  • Modified 4×4’s
  • Rock Crawlers
  • Mud Bogs
  • Monster Trucks
  • Military Trucks 
    • Light & Heavy
  • Semi Tractor Trailers


  • Passenger Cars
  • Race Cars
    • Sprint Cars
    • Dirt Track
    • 1/4 Midgets
  • Go-Karts
  • Buses


  • Lawn Mowers
  • Garden Tractors
  • Small Farm Tractors
  • Full Size Farm Tractors
  • Agricultural and OTR Wheels


  • Trailers
  • Light Aircraft
  • Light Industrial Equip.
  • Heavy Industrial Equip.

ATV’s are the most difficult of the regular-sized wheels to break the bead on, and the BeadBuster XB-45X series tools were designed specifically for this most challenging application

BeadBuster Application Infographic


4, 5 Rim Code [Diameter (inches)]

4 = 45X series (XB-450, 451, 452, 454 PRO, 455)         5 = 55X series (XB-550 HD, 554 PRO)


4      AT [7, 8]**

4, 5 AT [9-15]


4      MT [15-23]

4      TLA [19-21]

4      Cylindrical Bead Seat (small) [10, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21]

4      Cylindrical Bead Seat (med) [10, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21]

4      Cylindrical Bead Seat (large) [10, 12, 16, 17, 18, 19, 21]

4, 5 D [16]

4      MT [15-23]

4      MT [15-23]


4, 5 W (small) [20]

     5 W (med) [16]

     5 W (large) [16-30, 34-42, 46-54 (evens)]

     5 W (X-large) [16-30, 34-42, 46-54 (evens)]

     5 DW-A (small) [24-50 (evens)]

     5 DW-A (large) [24-50 (evens)]

     5 DW-B (small) [26-50 (evens)]

     5 DW-B (large) [26-50 (evens)]

     5 DH [32]

     5 DH-B [32]

     5 DD [38, 42, 46]

     5 9, 11 [18]

     5 MW-A [34, 38, 42, 46]

     5 MW-B [34, 38, 42, 46]

     5 W-C, W-CH [16.1]


4, 5 J (ISO) [13-26]

4, 5 T (temporary use) [13-18]


4, 5 I-55, I-70, I-90 [6, 8, 9, 10, 12, 14]

4, 5 JA [10, 12, 14, 15]

     5 6.00SP [10]

     5 6.00ST [10]

     5 9.00 [12,15]

     5 S [12]

     5 BD [15]

     5 4.33R [8]

4, 5 2.50C [4, 8]

4, 5 3.00D [8, 9]

4, 5[9]

4, 5 E [8, 9, 10]

     5 F [6, 8, 10, 16]

4, 5 2.50C divided [4, 8]

4, 5 3.00D divided [8, 9]

     5 8.00G divided [12]

4, 5 4.50K & 5.50K divided [9]

4, 5 E divided [8, 9]

     5 F [6, 8, 10]

     5 5.000S divided [12]


4, 5 K [15-16]

     5 L [15-16]

4, 5 Type A – J, JJ [14-24]

4, 5 Type F – J, JJ, E, K, L, LB [14-24]

4, 5 Type G – J, JJ [14-24]

4, 5 KB [14-16]

     5 LB [14-16]

4, 5 C [9-20]

4, 5 D [9-20]

4, 5 E [9-20]

4, 5 KA [9-20]

4, 5 F [9-20]

4, 5 J, 5 deg [14-20, 22, 23]

4, 5 K [15, 16]

     5 L [15, 16]


     5 8.00TG [20, 24]

     5 15deg Drop Center [56.5]

     5 15deg Drop Center [59.5]

     5 12.00LR [25]

     5 13.00LR [25]

     5 DWM [32]


     5 I(1) [15, 20, 22, 24]

     5 I(2) [15, 20, 22, 24]

     5 II(1) [15, 20, 22, 24]

     5 II(2) [15, 20, 22, 24]

     5 III(1) [20, 22, 24]

     5 8.5 [21, 25]

     5 12.00 [21, 25]


  1. ** 7″ & 8″ ATV wheels require a Spacer (BB1-SPCR) to be used with the XB-45X series bead breakers. These smaller ATV rims, typically found on 3-wheelers and mini-quads, have a shallower rim depth (see diagram) and need the spacer to prevent the feet from catching the bead retainer.
  2.  If you don’t know your Rim Code, and aren’t sure if the BeadBuster will fit on your rims, you need to measure the Rim Lip Thickness and Width (see diagram), and compare to the limits for the XB-45X series tools shown below.  Small wheels are usually not a problem for the tool, but some very large agricultural/tractor wheels can have a lip that is too large for the tool to properly clamp onto, for the XB-550 HD was designed for use on these larger wheels.
  3. There are some cast aluminum and alloy wheel designs used on passenger vehicles and some trucks that have a rim profile that prevents the tool from properly clamping. If the opposite side of the lip (where the clamp would make contact) is very contoured or angled, or otherwise has obstructions, the 45X-series tools with the standard clamp arm will tend to slip out instead of pulling the feet in. The BeadBuster needs an approximately parallel surface (with respect to the clamp arm) to make secure contact for clamping. (see illustration)  The XB-452 has a longer clamp arm that effectively interfaces with these ‘trouble wheels’.  -ALSO- The XB-550 HD has a the long clamp and will work on these wheels, as well as the XB-451 and XB-454 PRO outfitted with the optional Long Clamp Arm (BB5-CA)  If you only plan to do Automotive wheels, the XB-452 is the most cost effective option.

differences between beadbuster models

description of beadbuster models

XB-450 ($109)

BeadBuster XB-450 Tire Bead Breaker


The XB-450 is our original and most popular model. Its overall design is repeated in all of the XB-45X series tools. It was originally designed for the most challenging ATV tires, but it works just as well on a large variety of vehicles, shown in the chart above.  The XB-450 will work on the majority of ATV wheels that the average rider will encounter. For simplicity, the clamp arm has the hinge pin welded in place, so it cannot be used with other clamp arm styles.


The BeadBuster XB-451 is a follow up to the original XB-450, when a few customers started telling us that they had difficulty using it with their ATV wheels that had a reinforcing ring on one or both sides.  These “Rock Rings” or Reinforced Rims (not to be confused with Bead Locks) prevent the standard clamp arm from clamping properly on the wheel.  The XB-451 comes with a removable clamp hinge pin, and a separate ‘clamp post’ that fits inside the holes found in reinforcing rings. The XB-451 will work on 100% of the ATV wheels that you will encounter, with this additional clamp arm.

XB-451 ($139)

BeadBuster XB-451 Tire Bead Breaker

XB-452 ($149)


The BeadBuster XB-452 is a follow up to the XB-451, which has a removable clamp arm.  Many customers started telling us that they had difficulty using it with some automotive wheels with curved or angled surfaces on the face that the clamp arm interfaces with.  We call these “Contoured Rims”.  We started selling the XB-451 along with an additional accessory, a Long Clamp Arm, that would allow the tool to work on all automotive rims, no matter the shape.  After a while we decided to release a dedicated model for this application that has the Long Clamp Arm already included.  The XB-452 will work on 100% of the Automotive Rims (Car & Truck), and it will also work on everything the XB-450 is used on, because it comes with the shorter ‘Standard’ clamp arm as well.



Designed for the Professional Mechanic and Race Team, the XB-454 is made out of the very best materials (4140 Chrome-Moly steel, Grade 8 Hardware), comes with extra hardware, standard length padded clamp arm, and the clamp post for use with reinforced ATV wheels.

If you change alot of tires, you need our finest Professional Grade tool.  The whole tool is heat treated and hardened to HRC 57-58, giving the ram feet at least twice the strength as the other models.  We give it a full 3 year Warranty as well. The original XB-450 is good, but the XB-454 PRO is nothing short of AWESOME!

XB-454 PRO ($199)

BeadBuster XB-454 PRO Tire Bead Breaker

XB-455 ($99)

Distribution Only

BeadBuster XB-455 Tire Bead Breaker


We love making our tools in the USA, but we also love keeping the price reasonable to our customers. Unfortunately this meant that the only way that we could offer our tool for wholesale, and give appropriate markup to those customers, was to source a model from over-seas.  The XB-455 is an identical design the XB-450, the only difference is its made in Taiwan.

Our manufacturing partner in Taiwan is top-notch, and specializes in PowerSports products.  They keep a sharp eye on quality, and we continue to work with them closely to ensure that the quality of the tool always meets the BeadBuster standard.


The XB-550 HEAVY DUTY is the Big Brother of the ‘small frame’ (XB-45x) bead breakers.  Designed for farm tractors, agricultural and industrial OTR wheels, heavy trucks and military vehicles…the XB-550 will take care of all of your large tire changing needs.  The patented design has a 4-way configurable Ram Foot to accommodate a wide range  of  rim sizes…all the way down to 9″ and larger ATV/UTV wheels.

We have included many new features in the design making the tool extremely rugged and durable. It will break big tractor beads and truck tires that you would previously have to use an expensive hydraulic bead breaker on. If you have a Heavy Duty tire, BeadBuster has got your covered with the XB-550.




The XB-554 HD PROFESSIONAL is our newest product release (June 2020) and is the Professional Grade version of the XB-550 HD.  It has all of the features and benefits of the XB-550, with a couple key upgrades that makes it an ultra-durable and stronger tool that will handle the most difficult large tire applications, and day-in-day-out commercial use.

Specifically all of the wear points use Hardened Alloy Steel.   The hardest working element: the female ram threads utilize a hardened 4140 alloy steel thread insert that can be replaced if it ever wears out.  Also the top of the ram foot, ie. the ‘ram pad’ is also upgraded to 4140 steel.  Along with Grade 8 bolts all around, and an extended 3-year warranty, the XB-554 HD PRO has addressed the limitations of the XB-550 when used on the most extreme applications like Skid Loaders and production environments like Mobile Tire Repair Service.