Spacer for 7″ & 8″ Wheels
For use on Models:


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  • 1″ x 1-1/2″ x 0.22″ thick spacer
  • Magnetic material faced with durable UHMW Polyethylene
  • Easily secures to the tool body to effectively shorten the length of the feet
  • Conveniently stores on the Clamp Arm for safe keeping


  • Weight: 0.375 oz


  • If you have 7″ or 8″ ATV wheels, commonly found on 3-wheelers and mini-quads, the feet of the XB-450 (and other 45X-series models) are too long, and they will dig into the bead retainer. By applying this magnetic spacer to the XB-45 series tire bead breaker tool body, as shown in the picture above, you effectively shorten the feet, and allow it to be used with these smaller wheels. Other small wheels may also require this spacer to be used.
  • The standard XB-45X series tool foot length is 0.585″
  • With the ATV wheel spacer, the foot length becomes 0.365″, and will fit rim lips as small as that depth.

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