For use on:

  • Farm Tractors
  • Lawn Mowers, Garden Tractors
  • Agricultural & Industrial Tires
  • Heavy OTR (Off The Road) Tires
  • Skid Loaders
  • ATV’s, UTV’s (aka. Side x Side’s)
  • Military Vehicles
  • Passenger vehicles
  • Trucks, 4×4’s, Jeeps
  • Rock Crawlers, Mud Boggers
  • Heavy, Highly Modified Trucks (Monster Trucks)
  • Semi Tractor Trailers
  • Light Trailers


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  • Proudly made in USA
  • 4-way Configurable for a Variety of Rim Sizes (2 sided Ram Foot and Included Magnetic Spacer)
  • Durable Steel Construction (AISI 1020 Cold Rolled w/ Hardened 4140 Chrome-Moly Steel wear points)
  • Ultimate Rugged Design, Heavy Duty for Big Tires & Commercial Use
  • MIG Welded
  • Grd-8 Hardware
  • Polyester Powder Coat Finish
  • Padded Clamp Arm (Will not scratch or dent rims)
  • Patented Design


  • Weight: 6.7 lbs
  • Size: 10″ x 9″ x 3″
  • Max Rim Lip Depth Range (foot length): 0.585″ to ~1.50″
  • Max Rim Lip Width (clamp opening): 2.70″
  • Max Rim Lip Thickness: 1.75″
  • Rim Diameter: Any
  • Rim Width: Any 
  • Rim Material: Any
  • Max Ram Extension (throw): 2.756″ (see diagram)



  • The BeadBuster XB-554 HD PROFESSIONAL bead breaker is our newest product release (June 2020) and is the Professional Grade version of the XB-550 HD. It has all of the features and benefits of the XB-550, with a couple key upgrades that makes it an ultra-durable and stronger tool that will handle the most difficult large tire applications, and day-in-day-out commercial use. Specifically all of the wear points use Hardened Alloy Steel. The hardest working element: the female ram threads utilize a hardened 4140 alloy steel thread insert that can be replaced if it ever wears out. Also the top of the ram foot, ie. the ‘ram pad’ is also upgraded to 4140 steel. Along with Grade 8 bolts all around, and an extended 3-year warranty, the XB-554 HD PRO has addressed the limitations of the XB-550 when used on the most extreme applications like Skid Loaders and production environments like Mobile Tire Repair Service.
  • All of the 45x series tools have the same design geometry, but the 55x series tools is larger in every way. Heavier steel, thicker walls, more extension; the XB-55x series bead breakers are designed to handle the BIG tires that you’ll find on agricultural and industrial OTR wheels, large trucks, military vehicles, etc. However, we created a patented configurable ram foot that can accommodate a large range of rim lip sizes, and it will still work on ATV/UTV*. There are 4 different foot length configurations, so that you can get the feet as close to the Bead Seat as possible without touching the Bead Retainer, but still get good purchase on top of the Bead Bundle. It’s still far more portable than any other OTR bead breaker, and much less expensive. If you are a farmer, business owner, or a large vehicle enthusiast; you can use this pneumatic tire bead breaker to easily change your own tires whenever, and wherever you want. All of our tractor tire bead breakers come with FREE Shipping. (USA only, reduced price Int’l shipping)


  1. A 15/16″ wrench is required to drive the clamp and ram bolts.  Hand wrenches will work, power tools are recommended.  You can use an impact wrench, but use caution with a 1/2″ pneumatic impact to not over-torque the bolts. A 3/8″ or 1/2″ cordless impact wrench is ideal.
  2. Tire Spoons are required to finish the job of removing the tire from the rim. Very large tires (>48″ dia.) may require even larger tire irons.
  3. The XB-554 PRO will NOT work on 7″-8″ ATV wheels. It will work on 9″ or larger ATV wheels
  4. Certain cast aluminum and alloy passenger vehicle rims have a profile that prevents the tool from clamping properly (see illustration).  See the specifications above; if in doubt, measure your rims and compare to the tool’s spec. limits.


XB-550 HD Demo on a 35" Jeep Tire

The XB-550 HEAVY DUTY is our newest, biggest and baddest manual bead breaker. We designed it to easily break the bead on the large tires found on farm tractors, industrial OTR (Off-The-Road) vehicles, heavy trucks and military vehicles.  The XB-550 HD will take care of all of your farm tractor and large tire changing needs.
We have included many new features in the design making the tool extremely rugged and durable.  It will pop the bead on big tractor and truck tires that you would previously have to use an expensive hydraulic bead breaker on.  If you have a Heavy Duty tire, BeadBuster has got your covered with the XB-550 HD.

Agricultural Tractors

Heavy Farm Machinery Tire Bead Breaker Tools
DIY Tire Tractor Changing Tools

We know that breaking the tire bead loose from the rim is the most difficult part of changing tires on tractors and farm equipment.  Our XB-550 HD all-­purpose, manual bead breaker allows you to take care of tire changing yourself with little effort out in the field or in your own workshop.  The XB-550 HD works on garden tractors, heavy earth moving tractors, and everything in between.

The XB-550 HD is much more effective than other manual bead breakers on the market.  Part of the patented design is a clamp arm tightening screw that is oriented perpendicular to the clamp arm, not in-line with the ram screw like in a couple other popular brands out there.  The other brands are very difficult to get installed between the lip of the rim and tire bead, because of the poor mechanical advantage when the screw isn’t perpendicular to the work.  Those other tools need a hammer strike pad, and you have to use a sledge hammer to get it started…but NOT the XB-550 HD.  It pulls the feet into between the tire and rim easily with a cordless impact wrench.  Also, the BeadBuster is much smaller, and less costly than the other manual and hydraulic bead breakers.  It can be used on the inside of a farm tractor wheel, without having to remove it from the tractor.  Not to mention you don’t have to carry around and power a hydraulic pump with you.  The BeadBuster XB-550 HD has value in spades!

4x4 trucks & rock crawlers

Rock Crawler Tire Bead Breaker Tools
Monster Truck Tire Bead Breaker Tools

Forests, sand dunes, rivers, boulders, swamps, weekend adventures and rock crawling meets….If you’re pushing your truck to the limit, you’re going to be swapping tires regularly to get the most traction.  The XB-550 HD bead breaker works on any brand/model of tires including Irok Radial’s, Pit Bull Rocker’s, Goodyear MTR’s, and BFGoodrich KM2’s.  Do you have a heavily modified 4×4 truck?…possibly even the next Grave Digger monster truck?…well BeadBuster has you covered.

Military Vehicles

Humvee Tire Bead Breaker Tool
Unimog Tire Bead Breaker Tool

The XB-550 HD features an extremely rugged design with AISI 1020 Cold Rolled, heavy-gauge steel.  The tool is fabricated with robotic MIG welding, and is proudly made in New Jersey, USA.  Its rock solid build quality and reliability means it’s an obvious choice for 37” military Humvee tires, all the way up to 52” heavy armored truck tires.  Overland enthusiasts and UNIMOG owners can now easily change their own tires with the affordable XB-550 HD.

Industrial Equipment

Rough Terrain forklift Bead Breaker

Industrial vehicles like Gradall’s and other Rough Terrain Fork Lifts have tires that are very difficult to change.  The BeadBuster XB-550 HD has got the strength and industrial build quality to handle any tire you throw at it.  You don’t have to mess around with hydraulic hoses, or the steep $1,000+ price tags of other bead breakers.  BeadBuster has the price you want, and the performance you need to get the job done.

OTR Heavy Machinery

Backhoe Loader Tire Bead Breaker Tool
Tire Bead Breaker Tool for Large Construction Vehicles

We understand that ensuring operations don’t come to a stand still is vital.  The portable, heavy duty XB-550 HD bead breaker is small enough to be kept in the back of a work truck and works on all big wheeled machinery including; Graders, Dozers, Loaders, LHD’s, Articulated Dump Trucks, Rigid Dumpers / Haul Trucks.

Commercial Trucks & Busses

Truck Tire Bead Breaker
Freightliner Bead Breaker for Tires

Commercial trucks and busses have big tires that need changed often.  Whether you do the work yourself, or simply need a way to change a tire on the road, The BeadBuster XB-550 HD can break down a Super Single tire in minutes; you don’t need a wedged hammer, you don’t have to get blisters on your hands, and you can save the workout for the gym.  Work smarter, not harder, by changing your commercial tires with a BeadBuster XB-550 HD.

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