BeadBuster XB-451 Tire Bead Breaker
XB-451 bead breaker on ATV reinforced rimsXB-451 bead breaker on ATV reinforced rims

All-Purpose Tire Bead Breaker
For use on:

  • ATV’s, UTV’s (aka. Side x Side’s)
  • >> (including Reinforced Rims)
  • Motorcycles: Street & Dirt, Scooters
  • Cars: Passenger & Race Cars (ie. Sprint, Dirt Track)
  • Trucks, 4×4’s, Jeeps
  • Trailers
  • Lawn Mowers, Garden Tractors
  • Go Karts, 1/4 Midgets
  • Light Aircraft


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  • Proudly Made in USA
  • Durable Steel Construction (AISI 1020 Cold Rolled)
  • MIG Welded
  • Grd-5 & Grd-8 Hardware
  • Polyester Powder Coat Finish
  • Removable Clamp Post & Padded Clamp Arm (Will not scratch or dent rims)
  • Patented Design


  • Weight: 3.49 lbs
  • Size: 6″ x 6″ x 1-3/4″
  • Max Rim Lip Width (clamp opening): 1.70″
  • Max Rim Lip Thickness: 0.63″
  • Rim Diameter: Any
  • Rim Width: Any
  • Rim Material: Any
  • Max Ram Extension (throw): 1.438″ (see diagram)

>>See Wheel & Tire Parts Diagrams for Bead Breaking<<


  • The BeadBuster XB-451 manual bead breaker tool has all of the benefits of the original XB-450, with the addition of a removable clamp arm, and a post-style clamp arm that can be used with reinforced ATV wheels (aka “Reinforced Rims” or “Rock Rings”). Reinforced Rims (not to be confused with Bead Locks) can be found on Kawasaki KFX OEM wheels, and certain aftermarket Baja racing wheels.  >> Learn More
  • No adjustment is needed for different tire/wheel sizes. This portable bead breaker is small and perfect for stashing in your glove box or tool box. Save time, money, and frustration by quickly and easily changing your own tires whenever, and wherever you want. All BeadBuster ATV tire bead breakers come with FREE Shipping. (USA only, reduced price Int’l shipping)


  1. A 3/4″ wrench is required to drive the clamp and ram bolts.  Hand wrenches will work, power tools are recommended.  You can use an impact wrench, but use caution with a 1/2″ impact to not over-torque the bolts.
  2. Tire Irons are required to finish the job of removing the tire from the rim.
  3. The XB-450 will NOT work on ATV wheels that have a reinforcing ring (aka “rock ring”), such as Kawasaki KFX OEM wheels, and certain aftermarket Baja racing wheels.  For Reinforced Rims, you need the XB-451 or XB-454 PRO.
  4. Certain cast aluminum and alloy passenger vehicle rims and large agricultural rims have a profile that prevents the tool from clamping properly (see illustration).  See the specifications above; if in doubt, measure your rims and compare to the tool’s spec. limits. For Automotive wheels with curved/angled surfaces, use the optional Long Clamp Arm for proper clamping.
  5. The BeadBuster 45X series ATV tire changers were designed for use on the most common Diameters of ATV/UTV Rims: 9″ and larger. Smaller rims (7″ & 8″) have a different and shallower lip profile. Use on these rims may cause damage to the ram foot as the feet can catch on the bead retainer. However, the tool can be effectively used on these smaller rims with a spacer (BB1-SPCR) that we sell. Its a small magnetic pad that effectively shortens the feet for small rims. Damage to the tool as a result of use on these smaller rims without the spacer voids the warranty.


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