Spare Clamp Arm
Replacement for Models:


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  • Ultra-Durable Alloy Steel Construction (AISI 4140 Chrome-Moly)
  • Polyester Powder Coat Finish
  • BeadBuster XB Uses:
    • Standard Replacement for XB-452, XB-550 HD & XB-554 PRO
    • Long Clamp Arm Upgrade for XB-451 & XB-454 PRO for Automotive Applications
    • NOTE: The middle clamp pad should be removed if being used with the XB-550 HD & XB-554 PRO


  • Weight: 15 oz
  • Length: 6.5 in (vs 4 in length of 45X series tools)


  • The (Long) Spare Clamp Arm for BeadBuster XB-550, 554 PRO, 451, 452 & 454 PRO models serves TWO functions:
  • 1) It is a direct replacement part for the XB-55X Series BeadBusters. The original clamp arm may need to be replaced from damage due to excessive clamping force. Spare Hinge Pins are sold separately.
  • 2) It can be installed in either the XB-451 or XB-454 PRO to be effectively used with certain automotive wheels which have contouring or angled clamping surfaces that make the standard, shorter, clamp arm difficult to use. The long clamp arm will project about 3″ below the feet of the 45X tools, and contact the rim further down where the clamping surface is more parallel to the tool axis. (See Illustration)
  •      *NOTE* this has been proven to be an effective solution for these difficult rim shapes, but extra care must be taken when clamping because the clamp force will tend to rock the tool backwards, away from the rim, possibly causing the ram foot to miss the bead bundle.  The tool still needs to be aligned perpendicular to the face of the rim to properly break the bead; additional care and manual pressure may be required to ensure alignment.

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