Spare Ram Foot
Replacement for Models:


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  • Constructed from Hardened Chrome-Moly Steel (AISI 4140)
  • Superior Strength! (hardened to RC57-58)
  • MIG Welded
  • Polyester Powder Coat Finish
  • Pre-Lubricated with White Lithium Grease


  • Weight: 0.5 lbs
  • Bending Strength Proof Load: >5,000 lbs


    The spare chrome ram foot is a direct replacement for the BeadBuster XB-454 PRO model, however it will also fit the BeadBuster XB-450, 451, 452 & 455 models, if you want some extra strength. If the tool is not used correctly, damage to the ram foot can result, requiring a replacement foot.


  1. The BeadBuster 45X series was designed for use on the most common Diameters of ATV/UTV Rims: 9″ and larger. Smaller rims (7″ & 8″) have a different and shallower lip profile. Use on these rims may cause damage to the ram foot as the feet can catch on the bead retainer. However, the tool can be effectively used on these smaller rims with a spacer (BB1-SPCR) that we sell. Its a small magnetic pad that effectively shortens the feet for small rims. Damage to the tool as a result of use on these smaller rims without the spacer voids the warranty.

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