Cigarette Lighter Adapter (Accessory Power Port) to Direct Battery Connection with Alligator Clips


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  • Adapter with 12V Lighter Socket to Heavy Duty Battery Clips
  • 2 ft x 14-Ga Wires, rated for 15A
  • 12v battery clips manufactured by RoadPro


Usually when you need to do a tire change out in the field, we advise you limp your ATV back to the trail head where you have you have your truck, BeadBuster, and other tools.  Re-seating the bead requires a Portable Air Compressor, that you can plug directly into the cigarette lighter on your towing vehicle.  However, there are times when you need to connect that compressor to the battery on your ATV, or otherwise need to hook it up directly to the vehicle’s battery. This 12V cigarette lighter adapter will connect from the power plug of our air compressor (the Viair 70P) to the terminals of your battery with alligator clips.

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