Wheel Balancing Stand


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  • Professional grade motorcycle wheel balancing and truing stand
  • A must for lacing, truing, and balancing motorcycle wheels
  • Portable stand features adjustable frame rails for differing wheel widths and works on all motorcycle wheel sizes up to 21″ dia.
  • Center shaft features wheel centering cones measuring 16mm tapering to 30mm and rides on 4 bearings to eliminate friction, which is critical when balancing wheels
  • Motorcycle tire balancer stand base features adjustable rubber feet and a leveling bubble
  • Manufactured by GoPlus


  • Weight: 11 lbs


We’ve often been asked: “Sure, you can change a tire by yourself with the BeadBuster, but how do you balance the wheel yourself?” This is especially important for motorcycles and other road vehicles…well here is the answer. The Tusk Motorcycle Wheel Balancing and Truing Stand is the stand to choose for personal or daily shop use. With functions and features needed to balance, lace, and true a wheel, the Tusk motorcycle tire balancer is of exceptional value. This motorcycle wheel balancing stand makes maintenance a breeze. Our Wheel Balancing Stand comes with FREE Shipping.

(USA only, reduced price Int’l shipping)

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